Witches Brew 22″ bubble balloon


This thing is HUGE!

These transparent 22″ Bubble Balloons are extra-large and float for extra-long (weeks). ** Please note that this item is sent un-inflated but we can inflate it for an extra cost. Please inquire.

The see-through design is unique and looks great.

Wrinkle-free Seams – Bubbles inflate round with smooth seams like a beach ball for an amazing 3-D effect.

Pop-Resistant – Stretchable plastic inflates much larger than the recommended size before popping. (Not pop-proof)

No special equipment needed to inflate.

Non-Allergenic – Bubbles are safe for use in hospitals and other latex-free environments.

Includes pre-attached ribbon. Self-sealing.

To get the best from your Bubbles, be sure to read the important inflation instructions on each package. A Bubble Balloon will stretch as you inflate it. Stop inflating just as wrinkles disappear along the seam.

Inflated Size: 16″ x 16″    Lift Ability: 0.5oz or 14.6g    Gas Capacity: 1.35 cubic feet    c. Float Time: 2-3 weeks

In stock

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