Indoor Fireworks


    What Trafalgar Group say about Indoor Fireworks:

    Pack of 50 fun filled indoor fireworks items. 4 Snakes Alive, 4 Blazing Bengals, 3 Sizzling Strobes, 25 bang bang fun snaps, 3 Disco Inferno, 3 Flash Harry, 2 Ice Fountains and 6 indoor sparklers make up this great selection.

    What Love Halloween say:

    Out of stock for what seems like an eternity but they’re back!

    These will take you back in time. Indoor Fireworks disappeared from the shops in the 1990’s but now they’re BACK with a vengeance! Everyone remembers the little snakes that would grow from a tiny brown pill that you would light. And the smell would fill the entire house for days! Well, now you can relive those great moments with this brilliant pack of old fashioned indoor fireworks which are all safe for indoor use.

    These are great for Halloween parties or for Bonfire Night if you don’t have a garden or space for traditional fireworks. Just be sure not to set them off on your best china! We recommend an old metal baking tray or similar.

    If you’ve come here looking for an indoor fireworks display, we can help with that too. Check us out at Alchemy Fireworks where we cater for all professional fireworks displays including stage pyrotechnics.

    Coming Soon

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