Green and White 2 colour smoke


These high quality green and white 2 colour smoke bombs are perfect for bringing high drama and colour to any event or scene, whether it’s a TV or film set, advertising shoot, wedding photography, or professional magic trick.
Each smoke device produces two different scene-stealing vibrant, bellowing plumes of coloured smoke. These are loved by celebrity photographers and videographers. Easy and safe to use, a ground based pyrotechnic.

These green and white 2 colour smoke canisters give a really interesting twist on our other single coloured smoke grenades. These are lit in the traditional method (via a fuse on one end) and emit vivid coloured green and white smoke for around 60 seconds. Unlike the single coloured smokes though these ARE NOT HANDHELD. They should be placed flat on the ground on a heatproof surface before lighting and they will produce a wall of purple and white smoke – one colour from each end.

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