Colourspray Coloured hairspray (125ml)


Party Success Temporary Colour Hairspray Spray Wash Out Hair Spray PRODUCT DETAILS Brand new It gives you instant, ultra-vibrant colour that lasts for one day, so there’s no need to commit to one colour If you want to wear the whole rainbow in a week, go for it Works on all hair colours, no matter how light or dark Lasts until they are washed out Easy to use Stay on all day HOW TO SPRAY YOUR HAIR Comb your hair thoroughly to ensure there are no tangles and to help you achieve an even coverage Use clips to hold back parts of your hair you don’t want to be coloured Apply spray 15cm away from your hair This is best done in the bathroom be careful of the walls and furniture When its time to say goodbye, simply wash the spray out to return your locks to their former colour Due to light and screen setting difference, the items colour may be slightly different from the pictures

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